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27 - 30 October 2020

TAR Conference: Innovation clusters INOPRO and INTAKT

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TAR Conference: Innovation clusters INOPRO and INTAKT

TAR Conference - Technically Assisted Rehabilitation

Prof. Dr. Ing. Klaus-Peter Hoffmann

Fraunhofer IBMT

Medizintechnik & Neuroprothetik


Dipl.-Ing. Michael Friedrich Russold

Otto Bock Healthcare Products GmbH


Fri, 2020/05/15 13:00 - 14:15 export in calendar


Messehaus, Room 23

Title Lecture Info Speaker

Congress Lecture

Intelligent orthotics and prosthetics for an effective and intuitive man-machine interaction: The innovation cluster INOPRO

Gonzalez-Vargas, Jose

Congress Lecture

A multi-channel implantable system to restore natural sensory feed-back in amputees

Kiele, Patrick

Congress Lecture

Intermuscular coupling analysis during upright standing after a uni-lateral transfemoral amputation

Pasluosta, Christian

Congress Lecture

Interactive implants in a network – the innovation cluster INTAKT

Hoffmann, Klaus-Peter

Congress Lecture

Electrical stimulation of five parts of the gastrointestinal tract: preclinical study

Stumm, Karen