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10 - 13 May 2022

Prosthetics - Components

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Prosthetics - Components


Jennifer Ernst

Universitätsmedizin Göttingen


Olaf Gawron

Pohlig Orthopädie-Technik



Thu, 2020/10/29 16:00 - 17:00 export in calendar


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Lecture Scientific/Practical

Literature review of the evidence on hydraulic ankles, passive and powered microprocessor-controlled feet

Abstract: Non-MP or passive MP-controlled hydraulic ankles may be considered for transtibial amputees with compromised toe clearance and/or residual limb stress. Powered prosthetic feet may be considered for high-functioning transtibial amputees to further shorten the functional gap to able-bodied subjects.

Kannenberg, Andreas

Lecture Scientific/Practical

Prototype powered ankle prosthesis improves biomechanical outcomes for trans-tibial amputees

Abstract: A prototype powered ankle prosthesis was fitted to a cohort of trans-tibial amputees. Gait analysis was used to measure the biomechanical effects when external power was applied at specific points in the gait cycle. Powered movement increased prosthetic toe clearance and reduced sound limb loading.

Bhatti, Jawaad

Lecture Scientific/Practical

The influence of hydraulic range-of-motion on prosthetic ankle performance

Abstract: The effects of an increased hydraulic range of ankle motion were investigated using gait analysis and subjective user feedback. Increased range allowed greater ground adaptation and toe clearance in swing phase without significantly diminishing ankle power generation or user stability.

McGrath, Mike

Lecture Scientific/Practical

Tradespeople and digitalisation - How the future of orthopaedic technology is developing

Abstract: Das Ziel des Vortrags ist es die Fortschritte in der Orthopädietechnik am Beispiel der Digitalen Werkstatt (Mecuris GmbH) genauer zu beleuchten. Dabei sollen aktuelle Entwicklungen und neue Möglichkeiten vorgestellt, sowie die zukünftige Rolle des Orthopädietechnikers untersucht werden.

Weber, Bianca

Lecture Scientific/Practical

How important is heel adjustment with prosthetic feet to people with a leg amputation? Initial results of an online survey

Abstract: Mittels eines Delphi-Prozesses wurde ein Fragebogen mit klinisch relevanten Protheseneigenschaften inkl. der Absatzverstellung bei Prothesenfüßen erstellt. Es soll abgeschätzt werden wie wichtig Personen mit einer Beinamputation die Absatzverstellung in Relation zu anderen Charakteristika ist.

Heitzmann, Daniel