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27 - 29 October 2020

Scoliosis 2018

Congress type icon Symposium | Orthosis , Scoliosis , Spinal column

Scoliosis 2018


Josef Lammert

Lammert GmbH


Dr. Franz Landauer

Universitätsklinik für Orthopädie und Traumatologie der Paracelsus Medizinischen Privatuniversität

Univ. Klinik für Orthopädie


Fri, 2018/05/18 13:00 - 14:15 export in calendar


CCO, Room 2

Title Lecture Info Speaker

Congress Lecture

Evidence for the treatment of spinal deformities

Abstract: Physiotherapy and bracing should be used and, specifically, those approaches using high corrective methods. Spinal fusion surgery is not supported by the current evidence.

Weiss, Hans-Rudolf

Congress Lecture

Physical scoliosis rehabilitation - State of the art

Moramarco, Marc

Congress Lecture

Braces for scoliosis - What is current best practice?

Borysov, Maksym

Congress Lecture

Trial fitting of braces using modern fitting concepts

Abstract: Die Anpassung moderner Korsettmodelle ermöglicht einen hohen Tragekomfort und vielfältige Möglichkeiten das Korsett optimal zu adaptieren.

Unmacht, Mike

Congress Lecture

Use of CAD/CAM in scoliosis treatment

Tournavitis, Nico