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12 - 15 May 2020

Rehabilitation - Quality of life

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Rehabilitation - Quality of life


Sandra Sexton

International Confederation of Amputee Associations

IC2A Secretariat


Christian Schlierf

Human Study e.V.


Wed, 2018/05/16 10:30 - 11:45 export in calendar


CCO, Room 2

Title Lecture Info Speaker

Lecture Scientific/Practical

Implementation of outcome measurement in daily routine of prosthetic clinics - challenges, choice of clinical instruments and collected evidence

Abstract: There is constantly increasing interest of various stakeholders to evaluate the outcomes of the prosthetic fitting in an objective way. In this paper we describe the experience with the international prosthetic outcome registry (6 prosthetic clinics, 3 countries) and present the preliminary results.

Maciejasz, Pawel

Lecture Scientific/Practical

Development of the global prosthetic socket survey (leg)

Abstract: The Global Prosthetic Socket Survey (leg) is a patient reported outcome measure designed to understand the opinions of amputees about their prosthetic socket fit. The International Confederation of Amputees is using the results of the survey to advocate for best quality of prosthetic socket fit.

Sexton, Sandra

Lecture Scientific/Practical

Assessment of the gait in patients with a knee prosthesis

Abstract: Die Studie untersucht, ob die Beurteilung des Gangbilds von Patienten mit Kniegelenksprothese durch einen Therapeuten die instrumentelle Ganganalyse ersetzen kann. Es zeigt sich, dass ein Therapeut grundlegende Abweichungen erkennen kann, weniger offensichtliche Gangstörungen jedoch übersehen werden

Wackerle, Hannes

Lecture Scientific/Practical

Biomedical and psychosocial factors influencing transtibial prosthesis fit: a Delphi survey among health care professionals

Abstract: Factors were presented to amputee care experts in the aim of reaching consensus on their clinical influence on fit. Consensus was reached on “prosthesis support/suspension”, “prosthesis satisfaction”, “body image”, “social support” and “confidence in the rehabilitation team/certified prosthetist”.

Baars, Erwin C.T.

Lecture Scientific/Practical

The effect of a novel ESAR foot prosthesis on biomechanics, functional capacity and lifestyle patterns in transtibial amputees: A South African study

Abstract: This study describes the biomechanics, functional capacity and exercise performance, as well as lifestyle patterns of a group of South African transtibial amputees using a novel ESAR foot prosthesis, compared with the gold standard ESAR foot, and conventional SACH foot: A randomised controlled trial

Runciman, Phoebe