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27 - 29 October 2020

Quality of life amputation

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Quality of life amputation


KD Dr. med. Thomas Böni

Uniklinik Balgrist


Dr. med. Axel Schulz

Össur Europe B.V.



Thu, 2018/05/17 15:15 - 16:30 export in calendar


CCO, Room 4

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Lecture Scientific/Practical

Using body worn sensors to assess postural control of lower limb amputees during the modified test if sensory interaction and banalce

Abstract: The use of body worn sensors during balance testing designed to evaluate postural control in four distinct sensory conditions that manipulate the accuracy of visual and somatosensory input can provide information to help guide rehabilitation to improve postural control with lower limb amputees.

Gailey, Robert

Lecture Case Study

Initial results of a clinical study with trauma forefoot amputees: Comparison of gait parameters wearing a customized carbon and a silicon prosthesis.

Abstract: Kinematic and kinetic data were collected on patients using an eight-camera 3D motion analysis system and an instrumented treadmill. Patients wearing the carbon prosthesis showed an increased walking speed, a reduced step length difference, a lowered CoP-shift and a restored forefoot lever.

Dötzel, Eugen

Lecture Scientific/Practical

Rehabilitation of PCL injuries with a dynamic force PCL brace – an expert consented rehabilitation recommendation

Schulz, Axel

Lecture Scientific/Practical

Prospective study of the trunk musculature on the effect of compressive lumbar bandages in patients with acute low back pain

Abstract: Patienten mit akuten lumbalen Rückenschmerzen (n=36) wurden über einen Zeitraum von drei Wochen beobachtet, wobei die Hälfte der Patienten zusätzlich eine komprimierende Lumbalbandage trug. Eine Dekonditionierung der Bandagengruppe konnte über den Beobachtungszeitraum nicht nachgewiesen werden.

Anders, Christoph