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27 - 29 October 2020

Poster presentations with short lectures - Open topics

Congress type icon Poster Session

Poster presentations with short lectures - Open topics


Matthias Bauche

Orthopädie-Technik Bauche GmbH


Dr. med. Stefan Middeldorf

Schön Klinik Bad Staffelstein

Orthopädische Klinik


Wed, 2018/05/16 12:00 - 12:45 export in calendar


CCO, Room 3


The ePosters are permanently displayed in the Congress Center OTWorld (CCO) and are presented on large screens.

Title Lecture Info Speaker

Short Lecture ePoster

Characteristic of structure and causes of limb amputation in soldiers suffered of the war conflict in the East of Ukraine

Abstract: To study the main damage factors, causes and structure of limb amputations in the injured in the war conflict in the east of Ukraine

Bespalenko, Artem

Short Lecture ePoster

Pressure distribution measuring systems – Class Im medical devices: Is an objective comparison possible?

Abstract: Da Kostenträger eine plantare Druckverteilungsmessung bei Patienten mit einem diabetischen Fuß-Syndrom vorschreiben, werden elektronische Druckverteilungsmesssysteme als aktive Medizinprodukte der Klasse I mit Messfunktion (Im) zugelassen. Im Rahmen dieser Studie soll die der Wiederhol- und Vergleichspräzision (Gage RnR - Repeatability and Reproducibility) von zwei Messsystemen ermittelt werden.

Lehner, Stefan

Short Lecture ePoster

Digital orthopedics factory

Abstract: A Network of Digital Fabrication Centers developing innovative solutions for health-care. Through sharing design we want to promote low cost custumized products. A new kind of orthopedics factory ready to be scattered all over the World, also in developing countries.

Neri, Davide

Short Lecture ePoster

Staff experience of the prosthetic and orthotic rehabilitation service in Madagascar

Abstract: This study is about the current situation of the physical rehabilitation services in Madagascar. Even the avalaibility of the staff among the centers. Challenges and obstacles are existing. This study objective is to show the reality in the center according the staff

Rafamatanantsoa Andriamanantena, Christian Harifidy

Short Lecture ePoster

Review of cost-effectiveness of non-operative treatment in lateral epicondylitis: Literature review

Abstract: Lateral Epicondylitis is an acute tenderness of the wrist extensor muscle at the lateral epicondyle. There are too many treatments for this complaint hence, deciding between them in terms of cost effectiveness is so important.

Saeedi, Marjan

Short Lecture ePoster

Dictionary of prosthetic and orthotic terms

Abstract: This is the first published P&O dictionary; it is a compilation of P&O and other related terms. This dictionary is available in hard and soft copy, and online. It contains over 5,000 terms. It is an English-English definition-Arabic dictionary, and it is being translated into many other languages.

Salam, Youssef

Short Lecture ePoster

Limb lengthening of short transfemoral amputation stumps followed by osseointegration: a four patient case series

Abstract: This case series describes a novel surgical technique for the lengthening of the short femur in above knee amputees utilizing the magnetically distracted PRECICE® intramedullary nail. Successful osseointegration followed and with it, a significant functional improvement and better quality of life.

Samuels, Orville