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27 - 29 October 2020


Congress type icon Free Paper | Osseointegration



Matthias Bauche

Orthopädie-Technik Bauche GmbH


Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. habil. Peter Hinz

Universitätsmedizin Greifswald

Klinik und Poliklinik für Unfall-, Wiederherstellungschirurgie und Rehabilitative Medizin


Thu, 2018/05/17 12:00 - 13:15 export in calendar


CCO, Room 4

Title Lecture Info Speaker

Lecture Scientific/Practical

Single-stage osseointegrated reconstruction and rehabilitation of lower limb amputees

Abstract: This study evaluates the safety and efficacy of a single-stage osseointegration procedure, which dramatically reduces the time of recovery to approximately 3-6 weeks.

Al Muderis, Munjed

Lecture Scientific/Practical

Comorbidities and long term bone remodelling effects of osseointegration surgery

Rosenblatt, Solon

Lecture Scientific/Practical

Endo-Stem implant adapted exo-prosthesis supply concept: Static and dynamic prosthesis alignment in osseointegration

Abstract: Dieser Vortrag zeigt eine Versorgungsmethode für Amputierte, bei der die exo-prothetischen Passteile mittels eines Implantates und weiterer Adapter, perkutan, direkt mit dem Skelett verbunden werden. Auf den Prothesen-Schaft wird vollständig verzichtet.

Timmermann, Andreas

Lecture Scientific/Practical

A comparison of prosthetic mobility in amputees with osseointegration versus traditional amputation and socket

Abstract: This study reports that the osseointegration limb reconstruction procedure enables people with LLA to have mobility equal to those LLAs who are comfortably fit in a traditional socket.

Gailey, Robert

Lecture Scientific/Practical

Comparison of postural control parameters in amputees with an osseointegrated traditional socket prostheses

Abstract: This study found that unilateral transtibial and transfemoral amputees with an osseointegration prosthesis had significantly higher balance confidence but no significant difference in balance performance over case-control amputees with traditional socket prosthesis.

Gailey, Robert