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10 - 13 May 2022

How not to amputate the Charcot foot: the necessity of interdisciplinairy cooperation

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How not to amputate the Charcot foot: the necessity of interdisciplinairy cooperation


Dr. Tjerk de Ruiter

ISPO Nederland


Rob Verwaard



Thu, 2018/05/17 16:45 - 18:00 export in calendar


CCO, Room 3


Charcots foot is one of the most functionale endangering complication of diabetes. In this symposium one could get acquainted with the history of Charcot, the deformation he named. Defining and early detection is very essential for the care of this mutilating disorder, but with a tight chain of care, consisting of professionals dealing with early detection, early care, chronic care, risk management and so on (ie: vascular and orthopedic surgeons, podotherapists, rehabilitation doktors, shoe technicians, general practitioners and so on), it is definitely possible to preserve the foot and function. In this symposium one could learn from what went wrong in the past en what goed right these days, and what will come in the near future.

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Congress Lecture

The team treatment of the Charcot foot - how not to amputate

Abstract: This introductory lecture briefly recounts the history, definition and current treatment of the Charcot foot.The purpose of this symposium is, besides deepening and broadening the knowledge, to become acquainted with the chains of care to improve the quality of life for these critically endangered patient population.

de Ruiter, Tjerk

Congress Lecture

State of the art in early detection and early intervention of the Charcot foot

van Baal, Sjef

Congress Lecture

Interdisciplinary approach to the Charcot foot

Verwaard, Rob

Congress Lecture

Compliance of the Charcot patient

Verwaard, Rob