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Preventive and orthopaedic shoes by AURELKA

For over 15 years AURELKA has been specialising in the production of preventive and orthopaedic shoes. Treating health as a priority, we strove to achieve ever higher levels of adaptation to the needs. It resulted in establishing the AurelkaORTO brand.

The orthopaedic offer was created in line with opinions of orthopaedists and physiotherapists. The basis for our models are the designs provided in our offer. Hence even a person who requires shoes with advanced correction features doesn't need to feel uncomfortable in the company of their friends — instead they may feel pride at wearing our shoes.

Each pair is custom-made on an individual order. You can choose from our offer of corrections, but when the need arises, we are capable of meeting the most specialised orders.
We also provide insoles, Denis-Browne's splints and shoes for orthoses with an opening heel.

Our newest product is the Shoe-Orthosis which provides an alternative for separately ordered orthoses and orthopaedic shoes.

P.P.H. EL-BUT S.C. M. M. Leszczynscy

ul. Instalatorow 2
06-500 Mlawa
Tel.: +48 23 6551386
Email: katarzyna.jablonowska@aurelka.pl
Internet: www.aurelka.pl

Halle 1 Stand F61

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