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Your® Liner - Der 3D gedruckte silikon Liner
Ein Produkt von: MotionTech

Your® Liner, the 1st 3D printed silicone liner, is the next generation of custom liner as a service.

Based on MotionTech's 3D silicone printing technology, Your® Liner gives CPOs full control:
- From 3D scan: perfect fit regardless of residual limb shape
- Silicone type: 3 silicone types for all activity levels - Adjustable
thicknesses: protect sensitive zones , fill in undercuts, even out pear shapes
- Connection Systems: Customize and mix and match our connection options to the patient's needs
- Aesthetics: Endless possibilities to customize the aesthetics of the liner and prosthesis

The world-class quality standards of our Swiss manufacturing center and our novel approach to prosthetic fittings continue to prove themselves through rapid acceptance across Europe.

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Herr Enrico Gibson
Vertriebsleiter DACH MotionTech
Herr Clément Gabry
Head of Sales MotionTech



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