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Upper, lower limb prostheses and maxillofacials
Ein Produkt von: Procosil S.R.L.

Prosthesis are:
  - Custom Color
  - Custom morphology
  - Custom Nails

- Proart® system is provided with a self-locking mechanism that ensures the positioning and maintenance in position of the prosthetic fingers - for upper limb

- Gravity® is an innovative prosthesis that incorporates an alveolar system designed for excellent durability and resilience of the prosthesis (light weight but more resistant against braking in to dynamic solicitation).
The lightness and adjustability of GRAVITY® allows a progressive weight repartition for a gradual adaptation to the patient need and hence better acceptance of the prosthesis.
The prosthesis is composed of an inner soft shells and yet highly resistant shell designed to receive a number of steel balls just enough to create a counterweight for an optimized balance according to the patient need. This design allows the continuous and dynamic adaptation of the prosthesis center of gravity in accordance to the arm/hand movement.


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