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Materialise Phits suite
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A comprehensive digital workflow from start to finish.
This digital toolkit is created specifically for foot experts, built on in-depth knowledge of plantar pressure measurement and gait assessment. Our all-in-one solution assists you through the entire process, from scan to custom 3D-printed orthotics. Materialise Phits Suite contains a footscan pressure plate, the latest version of our footscan software, and the necessary access to design and order your 3D-printed phits orthotics.

Add complete 3D scans of your patients’ feet using one of our three official scanners or upload STL and OBJ files using your own 3D scanners.
Send your design to us directly in the software and receive 3D-printed orthotics that fit your patients’ feet perfectly. Choose from various widths, top covers, and base structures, depending on the patient’s needs and usage.



Herr Antoine Schwartz
Account Manager Materialise
Herr Michael  Tuyls
Sales Manager Materialise