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At OrthoSOLID® we are convinced that additive manufacturing (AM or 3D printing) is going to play an important role in the production of customized orthopedic devices. Our goal is to make the transition to this production technology accessible to every professional orthotist or prosthesiologist.
By providing you the right software tools, you will be able to create unique patient experiences for your clientele.

We do this by focusing on smart, well thought-out and innovative product development in collaboration with our orthopedic experts and research institutes.

Unique products are made available via the OrthoSOLID® platform: they are first generated in the software and then be created by 3D printing technology. Orthoses and prosthetic sockets are made entirely custom made for the patient with the help of 3D scan technology and further personalized according to the customer’s desire. The orthopedist maintains full control over the creation of the orthopedic device.

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