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12. - 15. Mai 2020

OPE defines the science of prosthetic and orthotic manufacturing

In 1990, Pedro L. Llanes, C.P.O. invented “The Table”, a state-of-the-art working station designated for the complete fabrication of all orthotic and prosthetic devices.


Multiple applications will allow one or more technicians to use it simultaneously.

“The Table” is available in 2 to 12 working stations, which rotates 360 degrees without interfering with the vacuum process. Each station can be utilized in a vertical position for lamination and fabrication of thermoplastic sockets. In horizontal position, each station can modify molds and perform thermoplastic fabrication.


“The Table” is offered with an automatic vacuum system which turns on and off automatically at an adjustable set range from 15 to 22 inches of mercury. Our system has a 30 gallon surge tank and features an oil less pump which provides quick vacuum recovery.

Orthotic and Prosthetic Equipment Corporation

2236 Coral Way
33145 Miami, FL
Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
Tel.: +1 305 2509900
Fax: +1 305 2509904
Email: optable@gmail.com
Internet: www.optable.com

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