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10. - 13. Mai 2022


A convenient, reliable and accurate, bionic prosthesis, MeHandS is a revolution in prosthetics. Thanks to PROTECT technology, it is not afraid of water or dust, survives both rapid temperature changes and shocks as a result of falling. The prosthesis is fitted with touch-sensitive buttons, located comfortably for the user, in addition to the standard ON and OFF buttons it allows quick gesture locking of the prosthesis for use in water. Reference points arranged as hemispheres enable switching by touch, without visual contact. The bilateral amputation mode enables contactless activation of the hand. The LED status display indicates if the battery charge level is low or if there is any damage to the prosthesis. A mechanical anti-slip system and soft textured finger pads eliminate slippage when taking hold of something. In addition, the prosthesis supports RFID tags for quick gesture selection and feedback technology using microvibrations, which makes it possible to know whether the prosthesis has taken hold of an object. Available accessory QWD and Wrist. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of natural movement of MeWrist accessory with QWD adapter.


Kievskoy Shose 22 km 4
101000 Moscow
Tel.: +7 964 45901171

Halle 3 Stand D28

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