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27. - 29. Oktober 2020

IntelLeg Knee - the powered knee prosthesis by Reboocon Bionics

Reboocon Bionics is presenting their latest powered knee prosthesis - IntelLeg Knee. IntelLeg Knee is the most lightweight powered- knee prosthesis worldwide, weighing 2.4kg. It can support amputee of 125kg to walk and perform other daily activities. It can operate about two days at a single charge, allowing about 10km walk. IntelLeg Knee can charge itself during stair descent, extending its operation time. This powered knee can provide active assistance during power demanding tasks such as standing up and stair ascent. It can also reduce user effort during daily walking, because the user does not need to make more swing movement with their residual limb. IntelLeg Knee has one FPGA and one MCU and update its motor action according to sensor signals at 2000 Hz. It is equipped with encoders, force sensors, IMU and etc allowing real-time detection of human intention and terrain changes.

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