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12. - 15. Mai 2020

Einlagen / Insoles

bruCare is a Belgian based company with a manufacturing facility in Spain. We manufacture taylormade insoles for the orthopeadic technician and podologue at industrial level with high precision manufacturing tools.

We scan a sample developed by the orthotechnician or podologue, after which our IT specialist manipulates/modifies/cleans the scan and determines the mechanisation process of the machine. We then load the digital model and the mechanisation process into the industrial ginder/CNC. The machine operator selects the insoles to be produced and feeds the machine with the selected raw material (EVA, PU or Cork composites). Our most senior workers will then manually check the quality according to our internal quality standards.

The final sample is then presented to the orthotechnician or podologue. Once the model is approved we create a unique reference. This reference is then ordered by the technician or podologue. Our lead time is 2 weeks from order date to delivery.

Together with our partners, we develop different kinds of materials and are constantly looking for improved performance & comfort.

Our aim is to deliver consistant high quality in the most cost effective way.


Brusselsesteenweg 360c
3090 Overijse
Tel.: +32 10 244122
Email: info@brucare.be
Internet: www.brucare.com

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