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27. - 29. Oktober 2020

Adam's Hand is the world's first fully-adaptive bionic hand

Adam’s Hand is based on a patented mechanism which uses only 1 motor to move all the fingers, allowing them to automatically adapt to grasped objects’ shape and size.
This makes the device extremely simple to use, since users don’t need to select the most suitable grip pattern for each grasped object, as it happens with all the currently available bionic devices.
Using just 1 motor allows to obtain a lighter, more compact, less loud device with greater autonomy, at a cost of up to 1/4 of our competitors’ ones.
Adam's Hand also features a calibration interface based on machine learning algorithms, which allows the orthopaedic technician to adapt the device to each user’s muscular tone in just 15 seconds.
The finger joints are built with high-resistance aeronautical aluminium, while the phalanges are 3D printed using advanced techno-polymers, in order to make them customizable in size, thus reaching a better cosmesis.
It features active thumb rotation and in-built passive flexion wrist.

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