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27. - 29. Oktober 2020

The world’s first hydraulic actuated hand prosthesis

MyHand is a prosthetic hand developed with Norwegian patented micro hydraulic technology, focusing on optimal functionality at a reasonable price.

The hydraulic mechanism makes the fingers fold around any given object and provide both a strong and sensitive grip. The simple mechanics allow users to have multiple grips without co-contractions and helps new users to quickly manage everyday tasks. The robust technology using titanium 3D-printing, allows the user to apply MyHand in heavy duty applications.

MySkin is used together with MyHand, providing a secure grip as well as a natural appearance. It also protects the prosthesis when exposed to dirt and water. The soft silicone is made strong using an inner mesh, making MySkin robust and durable as well as easy to put on.


Drammensveien 130
0277 Oslo
Tel.: +47 95132646
Email: ole@hy5.no
Internet: www.hy5.no

Halle 1 Stand A17

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