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WASP- World’s Advanced Saving Project is a company born in 2012 in Massa Lombarda (Ravenna- Italy) that designs, produces, and sells 3D printers Made in Italy all over the world. The wide range of WASP 3D printers has been developed to answer human needs: food, housing, health, energy, work, art and culture. Inspired by the Potter Wasp, which builds its own nest with material recovered from the surrounding environment, WASP was born with the aim of developing large-scale 3D printers, to build houses with natural materials and available on the territory. The main company target is to provide effective benefits to humans through technological innovation and research. In 2012 WASP presented its first 3D printer, soon expanding the range with the Delta WASP Industrial Line and Clay Line. WASP today launches further technological advances on the extrusion of biopolymers, flexible materials for the medical sector, granules and technopolymers.



4070 HDP
4070 HDP is a large format 3d printer designed to print directly from granules. WASP 4070HDP is the first small-sized WASP printer, as well as one of the very f...
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4070 FX
4070 FX is a large format printer designed to print soft materials down to 50 shores A. 4070 FX is manufactured in metal, with non-deformable steel core belts,...
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Via Castelletto 104
48024 Massa Lombarda

Tel.: +39 0545 87858
Fax: +39 0545 87858

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