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Aussteller Details

Taika3D Oy

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Taika3D was formed out of the desire to accelerate the process of O&P design, taking into account speed and precision. Creators of a design automation system to mass-produce custom-fitted, individually designed O&P devices. Our two guiding principles: ✔ Enable O&P users to access excellent custom designs to improve their outcomes ✔ Enable providers of custom devices to efficiently deliver excellent products and scale their business Our 3 innovations: custom scanning solutions, 3D machine vision & TaikaCreate automation (cloud) platform allow O&P laboratories to employ the design freedom of 3D design: ✔ reducing design time by 95%+ ✔ reducing errors & returns ✔ creating a scalable production system ✔ providing consistent designs for complex challenges ✔ integrating with existing milling and carving processes ✔ allowing complex 3D printing designs Our technology enables the design of 10,000s custom designs every week for users in Europe and North America. Contact hello@taika3d.com



TaikaCreate 3D-Design-Automatisierungsplattform
Unsere einzigartige TaikaCreate Cloud-Plattform generiert automatisch in Sekundenschnelle komplexe maßgeschneiderte Orthesendesigns. Entwerfen Sie kompromisslos...
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TaikaCapture ist eine vollständig angepasste Anwendung für professionelles Scannen von Ihrem iPad aus, unabhängig von Ihrem klinischen Ansatz. Es ist schnell, e...
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Herr Rauno Huttunen
Co-Founder Taika3D Oy
Herr Steve Cook
CEO Taika3D Oy


Taika3D Oy

Finnoonniitty 7
02270 Espoo

Tel.: +358 50 3099104

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