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Aussteller Details

Satori EURL

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Situated in South of France, Satori offers a great range of technical trainings, sockets, orthosis, cosmetics, podiatry, positioning, 3D technology etc…We also organize trainings at the customer’s installations, in France or in any country. To this day we have trained technicians from over 30 different countries. (www.satoriformation.com) Our sister company Trinytec offers a wide range of products from machines to tools, going through materials, and consumables and even to silicone sheets ready to be used. Our brand Trinysil offers more than 500 items to manufacture all kinds of orthopedic or podiatry devices. Finally, at Trinyart our technicians are artists, thanks to their 20 years’ experience and their talent we can offer all types of technical or cosmetic prosthesis and orthosis. They can be extremely realistic, or complex depending on your patients' budgets or expectations (More info: www.trinytec.com). Contact us at sales@trinytec.com



P&O Technical Trainings
Located in South of France Satori offers many possibilities of technical trainings: HTV SILICONES: Discover all possible applications and combinations. RTV SILI...
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INESS Socket and Technology
INESS (Innovative Edge Silicone System) Flexibility of Silicones and Rigidity of Carbon combined Edge to edge for better confort, and lesser weight. => Lightene...
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Frau Priscila Vyghen
Sales Manager Satori EURL
Herr Stéphane Paillet
Founder and CEO Satori EURL


Satori EURL

10 Rue Louis Braille - ZA du Clavon
26230 Valaurie

Tel.: +33 62 7616693

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