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Symphonie Aqua Line – the hydrostatic plaster impression for accurately fitting prosthetic sockets The innovative Symphonie Aqua System makes it possible to ascertain the residual limb’s burden within the prosthetic socket under actual conditions and to produce a properly fitting plaster impression while bearing a full weight load. The hydrostatic pressure enables the exact anatomy to already be determined while taking the plaster impression, that is, before the test socket is produced. At the same time, soft tissue situations, bony structures, pressure points as well as scarred and sensitive areas can be optimally reproduced. The impression and consequent socket align with the anatomy of the residual limb. Accordingly, the hydrostatic system has provided total surface weight bearing, a worldwide first.



Symphonie Aqua System VC TT/TF
Mittels individuell einstellbaren hydrostatischen Drucks im Symphonie Aqua System VC, wird die Anatomie des Stumpfes präzise abgebildet. Der so gefertigte Gipsa...
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Symphonie Aqua System Compact
Die präzise Hydrostatik des Symphonie Aqua kompromisslos mobil anwendbar. Das Symphonie Aqua System für den mobilen Einsatz: perfekte Ergebnisse mit dem Compact...
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Frau Simone Radspieler
CEO Romedis GmbH
Herr Andreas Radspieler
CEO Romedis GmbH


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