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Aussteller Details

Reboocon Bionics B.V.

Über uns

Reboocon Bionics B.V. is a Dutch high-tech company specializing in advanced robotics for human augmentation. We develop and manufacture our products in Delft, the Netherlands. We love innovations and value quality. We operate with a full MDR-certified Quality Management System (QMS). Our flagship product IntelLeg Knee (ILK) is a lightweight motorized external knee prosthesis. We are planning to launch more products such as the powered exoskeleton for patients and labor workers, to help more people to overcome their daily limitations and to improve their quality of life.



Die motorbetriebene Knieprothese – IntelLeg Knee (ILK)
IntelLeg Knee (ILK) ist eine der wenigen motorisierten Knieprothesen, die eine aktive Unterstützung und einen aktiven Schwung bieten kann. Durch die aktive Unte...
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Herr Bogdan Olteanu
Sales Manager Reboocon Bionics B.V.
Herr Shiqian Wang
CEO Reboocon Bionics B.V.