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Aussteller Details

OTOS d.o.o.

Über uns

OTOS is producing shoes for 75 years. Experience in traditional orthopedic shoemaking combined with continuous technological progress and employee development lead us to be one of the largest O&P companies in Croatia. Today OTOS employs almost 60 people working in the production of orthopedic footwear, insoles, textile workshop, prosthetic and orthotic workshop, and sale. OTOS produces shoes in its production facility in Osijek, Croatia. All shoes are produced from genuine leather purchased from reliable suppliers in Europe. Our production is agile and flexible and we can respond to any customer’s needs through quick and direct communication between technician and production. OTOS custom-made shoes are produced 100% by measure. In our production, we use 3D technology and CNC machines, which enables us to receive measures remotely and ship our lasts, shoes, and insoles to customers worldwide.


OTOS d.o.o.

Vukovarska 1
31000 Osijek

Tel.: +385 31 252000
Fax: +385 31 252004

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