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Osseointegration International

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Osseointegration International is the leading provider of Osseointegration technology worldwide. Working closely with the Osseointegration Group of Australia, our group has completed over 1200 successful surgeries to date, far more than the rest of the world combined. We are her to offer the most comprehensive experience, service and products to fully support our patients, clinicians and distribution partners. Our leading device - the Osseointegration Prosthetic Limb has recently expanded into the Tibial range, removing the need for custom implants in many regions including the EU, Australia and more. We are activley seeking clinical and distribution partners worldwide. Please come visit our booth to see the technology for youself and speak to one of the surgeons, patients and partners about their osseointegration experience!



Osseointegration Prosthetic Limb (OPL)
The OPL system is intended for the percutaneous invasive treatment of patients with lower or upper limb amputations. The purpose of the OPL system is to provide...
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OPL - GV Connector System
The GV Connector serves as a lower limb interface between an osseointegrated intramedullary implant and a standard commercial prosthesis. The device aims to hel...
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Herr Dr William Lu
CEO Osseointegration International
Herr Dr Munjed Al Muderis
Lead Orthopedic Surgeon Osseointegration International


Osseointegration International

Suite 3.02, 1 Richardson Place
2113 North Ryde

Tel.: +61 468 805858
Fax: +61 2 99752452

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