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Moveable develops well-thought, durable and easy to use products that allow users to fully benefit from their movement potential. Based in the Netherlands, we are in direct contact with academics, clinicians, suppliers, customers and end users to offer the solutions with real added value. Rather than offering a broad portfolio of mainstream products, we aim for smaller customer groups that have not seen a lot of development for their specific condition in recent years. Our first two products underline this. The mHand Adapt is a newly developed mechanical hand that fills the gap between high end myo solutions and non-functional cosmetic hands while offering increased comfort compared to body powered solutions. Our mKnee pediatric knee series is the first series of knees that are developed to better meet the need of children while growing up. The knee has an integrated hydraulic swing phase control, to prevent undesired gait deviations that are difficult to correct at a later stage.



mKnee kinder kniegelenk
Die technologischen Verbesserungen in der Prothetik der unteren Gliedmaßen sind beeindruckend. Aber nur ein kleiner Teil dieser Verbesserungen wurde auf die päd...
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mHand Adapt Hand Prothese
Auch in diesem Jahr gibt es im Bereich der MYO Armprothetik wieder viele spannende Entwicklungen. Und für viele Nutzer bieten diese Lösungen einen großen Mehrwe...
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Herr Tim Kiefte
Medical Engineer Moveable
Herr Herman Boiten
Founder Moveable



Nieuwe Kazernelaan 2 D86
6711 JC Ede

Tel.: +31 648572805

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