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Materialise Motion aims to empower foot experts to provide personalized care for their patients through advanced digital solutions and 3D printing technology. To set the path for the next generation of orthotics, Materialise joined forces with RS Print and RS Scan, industry leaders in gait analysis and 3D-printed insoles. Driven by decades of combined experience and a shared innovative mindset, we offer high-quality scanning and measuring devices, intuitive analysis software, and custom-made orthotics. Our accurate, efficient, and flexible solutions are evidence-based and backed by science. For additional information, please visit: www.materialisemotion.com



Materialise Phits suite
A comprehensive digital workflow from start to finish. This digital toolkit is created specifically for foot experts, built on in-depth knowledge of plantar pre...
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Herr Antoine Schwartz
Account Manager Materialise
Herr Michael  Tuyls
Sales Manager Materialise