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Aussteller Details

Lindhe Xtend AB

Über uns

Lindhe Xtend AB Lindhe Xtend is a young, innovative Swedish company in the field of prosthetics. We are globally expanding, and we now also have a subsidiary in Florida, USA. All our products are developed from the user’s point of view with a high focus on quality, function and user-innovation. Christoffer Lindhe - our founder - is a triple-amputee. Based on his needs, the company was founded in 2013 and since then we have developed two innovative products: Xtend ®Foot: Targeted to the outdoor user with a remarkable adaptability to uneven grounds. Simulating the function of a human foot. Xtend ®Connect: A new type of adapter that allows the user to disconnect/connect their prothesis in order to make day-to-day life easier, safer and more manageable.



Frau CEO Jessika Broström
CEO Lindhe Xtend AB
Herr Founder Christoffer Lindhe
Founder Lindhe Xtend AB


Lindhe Xtend AB

Olofsdalsvägen 40A
302 41 Halmstad

Tel.: +46 35 2629200

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