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Aussteller Details

Hikumi Orto S.L.

Über uns

We are a Spanish company with 35 years of experience in the orthopedic industry, designing and manufacturing insoles. We manufacture components for the Lelievre system made of Rubber or P.U, as well as insoles made of these materials or E.V.A, Resin, Carbon fiber or 3D printing our the latest new production. Our products combine perfectly with each other and with any type of insoles we use in our manufacturing processes. Our company can also designs any orthopedic insole or last of any shape. Since our inception we have made our standard orthopedic designs using our own patterns, and we also make this process in collaboration with our clients from their technical drawings. Those custom designs are and remain the exclusive property of the client. We also make Orthopedic insoles to measure from 2D or 3D foot prints from the patien. They can be made by components or P.U insoles, termoformable resins, carbon fiber, or E.V.A. We can manufacture them in 3D printing system.



EVA Fasciitis Double Cushion Insole
Fasciitis Double Cushion Insole. Long insole made of 35ºsh of EVA with double cushion of soft 15ºsh of EVA, Caracteristics: · Metatarsal cushion under metatarso...
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PU Insoles
PU Insoles Orthen Unisex Sport. Long insole made of soft polyurethane. Caracteristics: · Inner Arch Support (under scaphoid bone) · External Arch Support · Heel...
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Frau Mª Luisa Cruz Fernández
Hikumi Orto S.L.


Hikumi Orto S.L.

Polg. Ind. los Olivares C/. Escañuela 13
23009 Jaén

Tel.: +34 953239218
Fax: +34 953239257

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