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Aussteller Details


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Exoneo is a company founded in 2017 with a mission: Revolutionize the response to disability through biomechanics, by taking inspiration from the human body. Our goal is to help people in need to regain their freedom of movement, by developing innovative and biomechanical products that are accessible everywhere and by everyone in the world. Our team is surrounded by orthopedic professionals, as well as academics & technicians who collaborate with us, and are willing to put their expertise and creativity at the service of disability healthcare. Our vision is reflected in the prosthetic foot Upya, designed to function like a natural foot. Upya is distinguished by its polyarticulated, modular and dynamic design. It's the only prosthetic foot in which the blade is surrounded by a mechanism to ensure stability. Its unique design offers great stability, great comfort and more mobility thanks to the flexion of the toes, while keeping all the dynamism of an energy restitution foot.



Herr Jean-Yves Delaulle
Sales Director EXONEO
Herr Frederic Dupont
Senior Business Advisor EXONEO



22 avenue de la Baltique
91140 Villebon sur Yvette

Tel.: +33 9 52135335

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