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Aussteller Details

Artus 3D B.V.

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Artus3D was founded in 2020 to enable easy digital production of orthopaedic devices. Artus3D strives to digitize all the time-consuming work of 3D scan processing and 3D modeling, empowering the healthcare professional to focus on what they love most: helping clients improve their mobility. Artus3D has developed several software solutions for orthopaedic companies, namely the Artus3D Handbrace Module (2021) and the Artus3D AFO Module (2022). The software modules come with template designs that have been tested and can be easily adjusted and exported for CNC-milling and 3D-printing. Moreover, Artus3D offers a wide range of fingersplint products (silver and nylon) and silverbraces.



Artus3D - 3D Handbrace Software Module
Erstellen Sie ganz einfach perfekt passende Handorthesen mit unserer All-in-one-Handorthesen-Softwarelösung. Unsere intern entwickelten Algorithmen nehmen Ihnen...
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Artus3D AFO Software Module
Artus3D hat die digitale Produktion von AFOs mit dem neuen Artus3D AFO-Modul einfach gemacht. Unsere hochmodernen Algorithmen ermöglichen es Orthopädietechniker...
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Herr Ir. Wybren ten Cate
Lead Developer Artus 3D B.V.